Rules Olympian Radio

The goal of the championship: The spirit of competition in amateur radio at another level  and totally different trophies, earning the first ranked.
Participation of all radio amateurs from all countries, whether or not they are registered with a club or body such as IARU, EURAO, DOSAF etc. Ranked trophies are electronically sent diplomas. The first three places are pleasant surprises.
The competition takes place on the assigned bands 160 - 80 and 40 m. tribander, Working modes: CW – SSB. (A1A - A3J) Emissions will comply with the law of the participant's country without exceeding 1500W. 

Date and time of the contest: 20.12.2019 - 21:00 UTC. 21.12.2019 - 20:59 UTC 

Terms of Participation: 
Legally licensed radio amateurs. 
Registration for participation on the organizer website.
Frequencies: 160, 80, 40 m CW and SSB mixt, amateur bands considering  the contest preferred segments of the entrant’s own IARU Region band plan.
One category: SOMB A3A – A3J (160 - 80 and 40m CW - SSB) mixed.
Emissions will comply with the law of the participant's country without exceeding 1500W. 
Calls: “CQ OR TEST” in CW or “CQ OR CONTEST” in SSB.

Contacts: In the same band with the same call it is possible to work in CW and SSB, counting as a separate score.
Exchange: RS(T) + Nr. QSO (001)
QSO On the same continent 160m: 3 point. In another continent 6 point.
QSO On the same continent 80m: 2 point. In another continent 4 point.
QSO On the same continent 40m: 1 point. In another continent 2 point.
Contacts with /M, /AM, /MM stations: 0 point
 Total score: Sum of QSO X points in all the bands.
 Logs: Uploaded your log, submitted on the world wide web under the following URL: ….................
 Only Cabrillo format accepted. Cabrillo files should be
sent your cbr. Log.: ..........................
In the case your log the valuator robot will not accept any format other than Cabrillo. (NO EXCEL, NO PDF, NO WORD etc.)
The Categories to be used in the header of the Cabrillo log files. Example Cabrillo:
CONTEST: Radio Olimpian Contest
NAME: Ivan Kozlov
ADDRESS: Box 169 
ADDRESS: Kursk,  334466 
CREATED-BY: Optionally
QSO: 1825 CW 2019-12-21 1315 UA3XX         599 001   EA3KU       599 004
QSO: 7016 CW 2019-12-21 1328 UA3XX         599 002   K1RX         599 001   
QSO: 3522 CW 2019-12-21 1343 UA3XX         599 003    RN6FA      599 012     
QSO: 3640 SSB 2019-12-21 1344 UA3XX         59 004   HA7A        59 005      
The robot will confirm the reception your log. If there are any mistakes in the header, the robot will return the log to the sender until the mistakes are corrected in the header.

Deadline of log submission is not later than 5 days after the contest.
5 days after the deadline for submitting the logs to the organizer's site, the claimed scores can be checked by those enrolled in the contest.
Contest software: Most of the well-known contest software are available for this contest. Check your favorite software for latest upgrade.
It is recommended to run the test after the "User Defined Contest" setup in accordance with the "Radio Olimpian Contest" contest regulation.

The winners of the first three places will receive valuable surprise prizes and electronic diplomas, and the next 10 places will receive electronic participation diplomas.

The equipment and antennas should have physical connection and must be located in 500 meters radius.
Single Operator participants may change bands and modes without limitation. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
The RUN station should stay minimum 10 minutes on the same band. If it changes the band in less than 10 minutes the QSOs in the rest time up to 10 minutes will be considered zero point. Band change starts at the first QSO on the new band. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
Dupe QSO is considered as the second or more QSOs with the same station on same band and mode.
The logged but not scored dupe contact is not qualified as an error. It is better to leave the dupe QSO in the log for evaluation.
If the received call sign in your log is invalid, or the received RST and/or Nr.QSO is different from that in the sender’s station log your QSO point will be considered zero.
The maximum time difference between the logged contacts is 3 minutes. If from the received logs or some other way (like SDR, skimmer etc.) it is proved clearly  who logged the wrong time, only the contact in the log of the entrant logging the wrong time will be counted as an error. We recommend you to synchronize your PC clock to GPS or Windows time server prior to contest.
All entry categories are allowed to use packet and/or web clusters for spotting assistance. Self-spotting is not allowed.
All entrants must conform to rules of their radio amateur license and national legislation.
The list of participants in the order of the classifications will appear on the organizer's website: .........................after 10 days from the end of the contest.
Participants will also receive the UBN log file in their Email adresses. 10 days after sending the logs.
The prizes awarded for the first three places will be enjoyed only by those who were previously registered with the opener.
By joining this contest you assume the respect of Ham Spirit and Fair Play during the Contest.